Novi Sad, četvrtak, 30. 06. 2009. g. od 13:00h, ZBORNICA FAKULTETA TEHNICKIH NAUKA U NOVOM SADU, Trg Dositeja Obradovića 6. IEEE S&M Section – IEEE Joint Chapter Power Electronics-Industry Application-Industrial Electronics Soc.- Novi Sad, organizuje predavanje – Exploiting Interferences Through Cooperation and Cognition, a predavač je Dr IVANA MARIĆ IEEE Member, Stanford University.

Predavanje Dr Ivane Marić se održava u okviru 86. sastanka IEEE ogranka u Novom Sadu, a u saradnji sa Odsekom za rečunarsku tehniku i komunikacije, Departmana za računarstvo i automatiku FTN-a (Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi Sad).

Abstract: Cooperation among network nodes in wireless networks may be a key ingredient in their future success. The best method to handle interference created by their simultaneous transmissions is one of the key – yet unanswered – questions. We propose cooperative and cognitive techniques to exploit interference and increase network performance.

Proposed techniques utilize capacity-achieving approaches from multi-user and MIMO communications, exploit joint encoding of data streams and techniques for reducing interference. We propose a novel method for relaying messages of multiple sources – forwarding interference along with the desired message, to facilitate interference cancellation. We then present encoding strategies enabled by cognitive radios which overhear messages of other users. This approach demonstrates performance gains over current cognitive paradigms, suggests more efficient bandwidth usage, and is optimal under certain conditions. Our proposed techniques suggest new ways to exploit cognition and to design more efficient, future wireless networks.

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